Food & Drink

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Sm Formal plated lobster emilie inc phot
Brie crostini appetizer on a blue plate
watermelom, mint and blueberry appetizer
Table set in a southwestern style with red bandana napkins
Plated lobster, corn, and Maine steamers photographed by Scarlett Roots photography.jpg
Maine crab cakes on a silver platter with remoulade sauce
Chilled lobster salad served with lemon
Lamb chops with rosemary on a silver platter.jpg
Foster Clambakes and Catering watermelon, tomato and mozzarella salad.jpeg
Long  table set with china, stemware, white napkins and candles.jpg
Crabmeat and chove on toasted frenchbread rounds
Maine lobster in a galvanized bucket.jpg
chicken sate appetizers.jpg