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Food & Drink

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lobster salad.jpeg
Beef tenderloin with bordelasise sauce, asparagus with lemon and roasted potatoes
Lemon turmeric grilled chicken skewers
salmon appetizer3.jpg
Chimichurri grilled shrimp with baja sauce and brie and blackberry crostinisrostinis
Dry rubbed Duroc pork ribs and shredded Angus brisket
Brie crostini appetizer on a blue plate
Sweet and Spicy Bourbon Meatballs
Plated lobster, corn, and Maine steamers photographed by Scarlett Roots photography.jpg
Appetizers displayed on a table at a wedding at the Viewpoint Hotel in York, Maine
Chilled lobster salad served with lemon
Buttermilk herb roasted chicken and salmon
Sm Formal plated lobster emilie inc phot
BBQ chicken quarters and roasted asparagus
Maine crab cakes on a silver platter with remoulade sauce
Small lobster rolls displayed in a tiered galvanized bucket
Lamb chops with rosemary on a silver platter.jpg
Fruit tower
Roasted asparagus and lemon
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